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Agriculture tools

This tools important role play in the agriculture field because it is a main part of agriculture. In all over the world, many people work in agriculture field and it is a livelihood source for this people. In the pristine year, farmer depended on the human and animals efforts. The farmer sowed crops with the help of plow and bulls. That is the reason the farmer would spend more time in planting. This is the reason the developing the new agricultural methods and tools. It is difficult to work with old tools but new generation tools are user-friendly. That is the reason modern time in agriculture is very easy. Modern tools technique is easy and it is save the time. In this technique in crops is irrigation, planting, harvesting method is very easy. The main reason for developing this technique increases the crops growth in the agriculture field because in the pristine time farmer faced many different types of problems and they crop sown with the help of hand and another option is the animal but in present time all works are done through the machine. It saves time and low cost because it is very easy to apply in farming. In this method in sown seeds in the farm and irrigate the crops all work is very easy. After that, the crops are harvested and all work is done with the help of modern tools. These techniques each year in changes are done so to make much better. this technique is Ray of Hope for the farmer because it provides the great platform.
The names of the devices that are used in agriculture
Agricultural hand Tools

  1. Grass Hook for Grass.
  2. Horse Hoe for Grass.
  3. Agricultural Hoe for to the break the ground surface.
  4. The Hoe use to loosening the earth's surface.
  5. The Hoe for the field of grass.
  6. Hay-knife used in grass cutting.
  7. Hay Knife for right angles.
  8. Hand-fork.
  9. Hand-roller for rolling the earth surface.
  10. Home-made hand-weeder.
  11. Hand-weeders for flowers or vegetables.
  12. Hand Hoes As hand hoe.
  13. Improvised fork it is ordinary six-fork tool.
  14. Hammer for Garden surface.
  15. Flat-Tined Digging Fork for  the kitchen garden work.
  16. Finger-weeder for cleaning.
  17. Dutch Hoe for loosening the surface.
  18. Draw Hoe and Fork Combined It is both mattock and fork.
  19. Drag Hoe or Pitchfork it is a combination of hoe and fork.
  20. Dibber to loosens the soil.
  21. Daisy Grubber it is a small tool just like the toy.
  22. Curved Knife Harrow it is a curved knife.
  23. Cranberry Scoop.
  24. Plow Beam, it is the part of the plow frame.
  25. Axe To dig pit on the surface of the earth
  26. Asparagus Knife it is one foot long made up of iron.
  27. American Plow it is a type of plow.


The Agricultural Farm Machinery

    • Harvester.
    • Plough.
    • JCB.
    • Walking Tractor.
    • Tractor
      • Sprayer.
      • Tillage planter.
      • Fertilizer sprayer.
      • Grain cart.

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Agriculture tools

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