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    • Rotary tiller.
    • Harrow.
    • Skid loader.
    • Binder.
    • Wheel tractor-scraper.
    • Cutters and shredders.
    • Field cultivator.
    • Blower sprayer.

Tractor: -      
                    The tractor is a most important the vehicle in agriculture and useful tools. The tractor is a great invention for agriculture. In starting period the agricultural method was deeply flawed but after tractor invention, some flawed is reduced and it is helping in agriculture. Its main use the field soil rotate and the crops were sown but present time in there is uses in many types of works.
                                  It through doing this work for plowing, planting, agricultural machinery, Transporting crops and many works. The tractor moves through Diesel and it is the main fuel. The tractor various uses in agriculture: -

  1. Planting.
  2. For plowing.
  3. For irrigation.
  4. For transporting crops.
  5. Spraying for Pesticides.
  6. For the construction of grass.
  7. To prepare for planting crops etc.

Harvester: -
                   The harvester is basically used in crops cut. In old time crops harvested with help of the human hand but this process is very costly. The harvester is cut the many crops and minimum cost. It is save money and time. It is working speed very fast. In past which takes lot of time, now it can be done in few time. It is best equipment for agriculture.
Plough: -
                    From the beginning of Conventional farming in the seed plants before the loosen or turn the soil it is old technique. It is through crops are sown in the farm and it is a plow. In old times plow is worked with the help of animals (horses or bulls) but in present time work doing with the help of the tractor. The is made from wood, steel, and iron. Ploughing is the main purpose the soil layers to is loose and softening. In old time this method depends on the animals but in this time all work doing through the machine and it working speed very fast compares then to the old method.
Historical farming: -
              The Historical farming is very difficult to compare then to new modern generation farming. In past time, farming in the lack of instrument that is the reason was a decrease in production. The historical farming in crops planted in farm through human and livestock they had irrigated crops through canals, ponds, rivers, wells and rainwater. The maximum work was done through the human hands. That is reason human effort is the main source and Making drains through supplied water in farm then irrigated crops. The crop was harvested through human hands and the crop transportation with the help of Bullock cart.
Historical farming implements: -            

  1. Plough.
  2. Yoke.
  3. Leveller.
  4. Harrow.
  5. Mallot.

Intercultural tools: -

  1. Khilna.
  2. Kudali.

Harvesting instruments: -

  1. the Daranti.
  2. the Darati.
  3. the Chopper.
  4. Kulhari.

Contain tools and implements: -

    • Wooden Pin.
    • Wooden Pole.
    • Suhaga.
    • Bamboo basket.
    • Hand mill.
    • Winnower.
    • Sieve.
    • Sack.
    • Shearer.
    • Balwan Skinner.
    • Kataru Skinner.
    • Pine Kadera.

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