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Farmers had not available so many resources and they had depended on natural rain but it was the livelihood source for the farmer. This was the continuous improvement. In old times farming basically, depended on the human and animals and in which used handmade tools for example, plow through seed was sown in the farm and the plow was work through the bulls. The crops were harvested with the help of hands and used the handmade cutting tools. The transportation work was Bullock cart and Horse cart that is the reason old time farming is difficult to compare them to new modern generation the farming.
                           There are different types of farming. We have to know about farming. Farmers and Students must have the knowledge about farming. It is the most important part forming because this way we know about of different types of farming. Farming is art that is the reason we should know about farming skills. We used this art and earn money.

Different types of agriculture:


  • Subsistence farming.
  • Shifting farming.
  • Plantation farming.
  • Livestock breeding.
  • Grain farming.
  • Milk production.
  • Fisheries.
  • Poultry.
  • Production of raw materials for industry.
  • Cultivation of cotton etc.

                                                      This is the way we know about agriculture skill. Cultivation of various crops and various time periods in crops, like the long time and short time farming. This means that the duration of each crop is different, planting way is different and the season is also different. Monsoon is different for each crop and Crop Planting method is also different and Harvest time period is also different. For example, soybean is a Kharif crop but this is time period is 90 days and kidney bean crop time period is 60 days both are the Kharif crops but the time limit is different. Similarly, in each, the monsoon Crops have the different time period. Fertilizer, pesticide and irrigation: it is a most important part for farming because each part provides help to plant growth for example, fertilizer fulfills the nutritional requirements, irrigation method for water and pesticide to protected to insect and another pest. These harvests are mainly the following types.

    • Kharif harvest.
    • Rabi harvest.
    • Zaid harvest.
    • Summer harvest.
    • Herbal harvest.
    • Fruit farming.
    • Dried fruits.

    By this article, you understand the importance of soil and water awareness. Both are main for agricultural. Firstly we should have knowledge about soil & water. It is most important.
    Six (6) various Types of top soil

    1. Clay Soil.

                               Clay soil in which each particle is packed strongly and without space this is the reason it's used to create artificial items.

    1. Salty Soil.
    2. Loamy Soil.
    3. Sandy Soil.
    4. Peaty Soil.
    5. Chalky Soil.
    The soil is the most important part of natural of Estate. It’s an important part of the plant because with the help growth and holding types of the part just like roots tightly and important nutrients and water supply.

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