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It’s a god for the farmer and various useful for all leaving and non-leaving things.
                                                             It provides residence for humans, animals, plants, and Micro-organisms. Agriculture is most important for human it provides food, clothing, and business in this types of way soil give benefit to human being in this types of way soil give benefit to the human being and , animals, plants, and Micro-organisms. The soil is vital.
                                                           Earthworm is a friend for the farmer because it is walking and make fertile.

Soil structure
There are different layers in the soil. Each layer shows different particle just like topsoil, subsoil, parent soil and bad rock. First part shows the Fertile and soft layer, the second part is hard and clay, Third part is a parent material and the fourth part is bad rock. All the layers are shown in the diagram.


Soil Pollution a curse for human
          Soil pollution a curse for human because the modern age human is most important reason Pollution dispersion. The human does not care of the earth because they are fulfilling Personal motives this is the reason they polluted soil regularly.

Main reason for soil pollution:

  1. Chemical substance: The main reason for soil pollution is Chemical Substances (organic and inorganic) or contaminated material both are because both are assorted in soil.
  2. Polythene: Any other reason for soil pollution. Polythene Eliminates fertilizer soil competence.
  3. Agricultural process: To more use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers reduced soil Fertility.
  4. Transport actions.
  5. Mining process.
  6. Waste storage.



The water is most important part of each living thinks. This is the reason it is important for the farmer and living think because it's used in all works & agriculture. Clean water is important for life because it is used in Daily routines such as drinking, cleaning, and cooking but knows human it’s important for life but they misused in whole life. The developed world cares for water for this they are worried this is a reason he controls the water pollution. Many countries have insufficiency of water because of which People die. It is an important part of agriculture because, without water, agriculture is just like a dream.

Water Pollution a curse for human:
Water pollution an anathema for each human because the modern era in the human being is the main cause for water pollution spread. The human body contained 70 percents water, but human is most misused water in whole life. The main cause is human Activities for this is the reason they doing dirty water in life. Some cause shows in the blow.

Types of water pollution:

  1. Mining action.
  2. By agriculture.
  3. Leakage in sewer lines.
  4. The flow of waste into the river.
  5. Transport process.
  6. Plastic items.
  7. The animal garbage.
  8. Building and others construction activities.
  9. Leakage of Chemical fluid.


For this reason, all human attempts to prevent all types Pollution and the whole world is disturbed by pollution. For this reason, it is essential to overcome and prevent pollution.

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