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Kharif harvest

Kharif crops are a part of agriculture. Kharif crops usually start with the beginning of the first rains session because the session begins with the rain that’s why this session in sown those crops need high water and that are growth in high water. India the Kharif session starting in may Month, for this reason in starting may crop is sown. This is Kharif harvest session and the session ends in January. In each continent Kharif sessions are different. That are reason Kharif crops sowing is different for each continent because monsoon session is different for all. Kharif crops are mainly started with the beginning of southwest monsoon session and after that Kharif crops are sown. Rainy season main crops are soybean or Rice etc. The rain session is ideal crops because it is able to growth the in highly water. It is the Kharif crops session.
                                  Kharif crops are dependent on the water because low or excessive rain affects the crops because low or excessive rain affects the crops. That is why it totally depends on the rain. It is the reason the crops are dependent on the water and required. Especially rice crops require more water that is why the crop is planted in the rainy season. According to their requirement of the crop, each crop is planted.

Different types of Kharif crops:

  • Soybean.
  • Rice.
  • Millet.
  • Corn (maize grains).
  • Moong (green seeds).
  • Urad Bean (black seeds).
  • Guar.
  • Peas.
  • Peanut etc.


Soybean crops: -
                                    Soybean is a Kharif crop. It is want to more water compared to any other's crops. It is sown in the Kharif crops season and this is time period is 90 days. They have provided many benefits for the body. It is a bean Species and provides Profitable. Soybean is useful and they have the protein source. In which available many vitamins and many advantages. It gives the body the strength to fight diseases. The fat, protein and carbohydrates, which the body essential elements and provides the strength to fight disease. Soybean has calcium, the iron and minerals such as phosphorus, which are essential minerals that are essential for the body. It is through construction oil and get protein and it inexpensive and simpler solution for health. Manufactured by soybean this soy vegetable oil and food items. Eating it Heart disease and blood loss the disease is far away. It reduces mental stress and it also is beneficial for the mind. It is like a painkiller and it maintains the hemoglobin level.
                   This crop needs maximum water for growth that is the reason crop sown in the rainy season. Crop The yield to maturity takes 90 days after that crop harvesting.

Rice crops: -

Rice crops in available the various varieties, just like white rice and brown rice. India is a biggest Rice production of all over the world. In India approximately (20%) 20 percent Production of rice of all world. each year increased production of rice in India and in the year               

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