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Pesticides used in agriculture

Pesticides are substances with the help destroy pests and harmful microorganisms. It is the main purposes protect the plants from the past. That is the reason it is most used in the agriculture field. It is the main role to support in plant growth and protection in farming but it is used in non-farming purpose.

Basically, it is various uses:

  • Destroy pest.
  • Antibiotic.
  • Bactericidal.
  • Destroy germs.
  • Destroy pest cream.
  • Avicide.
  • Destroy fungus.
  • Antimicrobial and destroy all germs.

                            The Pesticides is a chemical element and it is a general purpose to stop pest growth and kill them. It is most important purpose is microbes are destroyed, destroy disease and Stop the growth of diseases but it is the Harmful for the living thing. It is pollution spreading and there are many reasons

Access method

Pesticides are harmful to human and other living things. That's the way it should have the method to be better. We spray to kill the organism but other microorganisms die automatically for example for example in the crop spray for Worms but others bees, mosquitoes, wasps or ants die automatically, another example Malaria spraying to kill mosquitoes but the West Nile virus, yellow fever, bees, wasps, ants, and mosquitoes die automatically. It more use is harmful.
 The pesticides used in crops are harmful to animals and men. If they mixed into the water so the water are polluted but it is an important part of agriculture because it helps to plant growth it kills pest and another fungus that is the reason they provide to support. Health wise it is very harmful chemicals that are the reason many country ban for Pesticides and they are not allowed to peoples to Spraying.

Harmful Effects

It has many advantages for agriculture but it has so many disadvantages for human and animals because it more uses disaffected on the human health. It reacts faster and it affects a long time on the human body. This applies Bad impression on the human skin and enters the human body by air. It produces cancer and destroys the body's hormones and cause severe eye irritation builds, create severe illness. Spraying Pesticides is dangerous for life. The World Health Organization estimates that every year many people die. Pesticide uses is a problem for nature because it creates pollution. This chemical including in the air, soluble in the water and the overuse of pesticides in the farm affects the damage of soil potential. This chemical mix in the sea water, for this reason, disaffected on the sea animals that are the reason die many animals. It is creation main reason to crop protected but it is proved that it is dangerous for each living things. It is the Bad effects on the Human health and the human body makes patient and economically it is costly. That is the reason it is used carefully.

It is polluted in different ways.

    • Water pollution.
    • Soil pollution.
    • Air pollution.
    • Injurious to health (humans and animals).


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